Eco-Friendly Tips

Eco-Friendly Tips

Put food waste in its proper place and get better performance from your InSinkErator® disposer with these eco-friendly tips and suggestions. 


Don't pour oils or grease down the drain! They can clog and damage the sewer system. Instead, collect fats in a container. Then, throw the container in the trash.
  Don't try to grind large amounts of food waste at one time.


Use cold water when using a disposer. Using hot water wastes energy.
  Run water down the drain for several seconds after grinding is complete to flush waste and keep debris from settling in the plumbing system.
  Save and grind used lemons and other citrus fruit peels to freshen up your disposer, naturally.

Things to consider…

Planning meals helps you create less waste by cooking only what you need.
  Saving and using up leftovers helps reduce additional waste.
  Donating food products you don't intend to consume to a local food bank instead of tossing them into the trash helps eliminate waste—and makes you feel good.