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Evolution Series®




Evolution Excel

The incomparable Evolution Excel® is as stylish as it is capable, taking the art and science of food waste disposal to a new level. It handles more volume, more foods, and more challenges than anything that preceded it . SoundSeal Plus™ technology delivers ultra-quiet performance. Hold a conversation with normal voices in the same room. Its three-stage grind technology allows you to grind almost any food waste.



Evolution Essential

The model that fits the widest range of customer needs, Evolution Essential® includes two grind stages. SoundSeal® technology delivers quieter performance. Hold a conversation with elevated voices in the same room.



Evolution Compact

The space-saving Evolution Compact® includes two grind stages. SoundSeal® technology delivers quiet performance versus a standard disposer.



Evolution Cover Control® Plus 


The Evolution Cover Control® Plus delivers all the great features that set the Evolution Series™ apart, plus an extra margin of assurance. Activated by the magnetic CoverStart™ Switch, it runs only when the cover is on.



Evolution Septic Assist

Designed specifically for septic systems, the Evolution Septic Assist® features Bio-Charge®, an automatic injection of microorganisms to help break down food waste.


 How often do you think about your kitchen food waste disposer?  Well now you can think about it even less, because InSinkErator has changed the way you think about disposing of... everything.  Thanks to Evolution Series food waste disposers.  For example, you don't have to think: "Can I toss in these apple cores, or celery, or the bones from my chicken stock?"  Our patented Multigrind technology takes on more food waste, and grinds it into finer particles to reduce the risk of clogging.  And if you've ever wished your disposer could run more quietly, Evolution Series is for you.  Best of all, there's an Evolution Series disposer for any home and lifestyle. 

For most households, Evolution Essential provides the premium performance and quiet operation you need in meal after meal after meal.  Maybe you're short on cabinet space or have a smaller household.  Evolution Compact gives you premium performance and quiet operation on a smaller scale.  If you like a little peace of mind, Evolution Cover Control Plus assures that the disposer won't start unless the cover is in place.  Got a septic system?  Evolution Septic Assist has an integrated septic treatment solution that helps break down food waste.  If you love to create in the kitchen, entertain, or simply prefer the best kitchen appliances, Evolution Excel was designed to your high standards.  The world's quietest disposer can handle virtually any food waste without the risk of clogs or jams.