Environmental Benefits

Put Food Waste In Its Proper Place

Food waste that´s bagged and left in dumpsters, alleys or on curbsides can create very real problems. Odors and spillage are more than unpleasant, they´re dangerous because they attract rodents and insects.

That’s why InSinkErator® food waste disposers are found in so many food service kitchens. They make food preparation areas cleaner, more sanitary, and easier for working. You’ll find that the installation of an InSinkErator food waste disposer can save your business money and hassles.

In addition, food waste disposers help reduce a growing environmental problem. When food waste is dumped in landfills, bacteria and other harmful organisms can seep into the ground and contaminate our water.

Environmental Video
Learn how disposers can plan an important role in solving the food waste management challenge by watching an educational video that shows what happens when food waste is sent to a landfill, to a compost pile or sent through a food waste disposer to the wastewater treatment plant.

For over 60 years, InSinkErator has been committed to providing cost-effective, environmentally sound food waste solutions.

Disposer Facts:
Disposers keep food waste out of dumpsters. Food waste decomposing in dumpsters creates odors, attracts pests and serves as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Disposers make the recycling process easier, cleaner and more efficient. Disposers allow food service operations to separate messy food waste from bottles, cans, plastics and paper.

Disposers help reduce landfills and water table contamination. Food waste represents 16% of all waste being dumped into landfills. Bacteria from these decomposing foods produce harmful elements, which are the main source of groundwater contamination.

Disposers give back to the Earth. Many municipalities, some of whom require disposer usage, actually "recycle" the sludge from their treatment plants. This sludge is returned to the Earth in the form of fertilizer and ground conditioner, a substance that has been found to be completely safe for this usage.

InSinkErator Waste Xpress® Systems reduce waste by 85%. Sometimes disposers are not recommended in communities that have outdated treatment plant facilities. Foodservice establishments in these areas can rely on InSinkErator Waste Xpress Systems to provide an alternative, cost-effective, waste reduction solution.

Decades of scientific studies have shown disposers to be a sound ecological alternative.
Food waste is ground into fine particles and safely flushed into your sewage system.
At wastewater treatment facilities, the food waste can be converted into useful energy,
or recycled into agricultural fertilizer.

Read the University of Wisconsin study that concluded food waste disposers are “the most environmentally friendly and sustainable option for recycling.”

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