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WasteXpress™ System

InSinkErator® WasteXpress® systems process both liquid and solid waste, saving kitchen staff time on waste separation and trips to the dumpster. They can perform more productive tasks in a more sanitary environment.

The disposer grinds kitchen waste, which is then sent to the dewatering section where water is squeezed out. Solid waste is reduced by 85% of its original volume. Up to 700 lbs. per hour can be processed.

Designed for continuous operation in locations such as restaurants, nursing homes or assisted living facilities.


The WasteXpress™ System offers the following features:

  • Up to 85% volume reduction
  • Capacity 700 pounds of waste per hour
  • Fits under a table - minimum height 34"
  • Designed predominantly for food waste
  • Recommended waste mix at least 50% food waste
  • Stainless steel construction
  • No tools required to clean
  • Minimum water required

The WasteXpress™ System has the following Specifications.

Waste Xpress® package includes: Waste Xpress Pulper Unit, 3 HP Disposer, WX-101 Electrical Control, Mounting Assembly, Syphon Breaker, Solenoid Valve, Flow Control Valve, Magnetic Silver Saver, 10 Gallon Round Waste Can, 3" to 2" Disposer Outlet Adapter

Installation Care and Use Manuals - Controller Models WX-101A-1, WX-101A-2, WX-101A-3, WX-101A-3

Installation Care and Use Manuals - Controller Models WX-101A-5, WX-101A-6, WX-101A-7, WX-101A-8

Quick Install Guide

Parts Sheets:
Waste Xpress

WX101A controller
 - Models WX-101A-1, WX-101A-2, WX-101A-3, WX-101A-4

WX101A controller
 -- Models WX-101A-5, WX-101A-6, WX-101A-7, WX-101A-8


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InSinkErator may make improvements and/or changes in the specifications at any time, in its sole discretion, without notice or obligation and further reserves the right to change or discontinue models.

WasteXpress™ System has a one year warranty from date of installation.

The warranty includes parts and labor, provided the service is performed by an InSinkErator® Factory Authorized Service Center.

This warranty does not apply if a failure is due to: faulty or improper electrical installation, faulty or improper plumbing installation, product abuse or misuse, accidental damage, grinding elements jammed by foreign objects, clogged drain lines, improperly sized unit (as specified by InSinkErator®).

ISO 9001 Certification
Since 1995, InSinkErator's quality system has been independently verified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001. The International Organization for Standardization, known as ISO, is a group which provides for the development of international standards. ISO 9001 specifies the basic requirements for a quality management system that an organization must fulfill to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products (which include services) that enhance customer satisfaction and meet applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. InSinkErator's certification to ISO 9001 includes the design, manufacture and sale of its products. Use the following link to find out more about the customer focused principles behind ISO 9001 and why InSinkErator has self-imposed its requirements,

Warranty Information

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