Evolution Series

Evolution Series® Disposers

Grind More

Innovative new technologies make the Evolution Series® disposers more advanced than anything on the market today. Which means that you can grind foods finer, without clogs or jams. Disposers with MultiGrind® technology and its two grind stages mean you can efficiently grind difficult food items like bones. Disposers with MultiGrind Plus™ technology and its three grind stages enables you to stop worrying about what food you can or cannot put in your disposer.

Hear Less

Customers have always wanted disposers that are quieter. That's why we reduced noise levels on the Evolution Series disposers to the point where you can hold a conversation at a normal volume while in the kitchen with the disposer running. Models equipped with SoundSeal® technology are at least 30% quieter than a standard disposer, and models equipped with SoundSeal Plus™ are at least 60% quieter.