Invite Contour

The new InSinkErator® Invite Contour™ Instant Hot Water Dispenser faucet in Chrome with twist activation handle includes a 2/3 gallon stainless steel tank that delivers up to 60 cups per hour of near-boiling water. It has a stylish, sleek chrome and black design that offers tool-free tank connections and dry-start protection for installation convenience. Instant hot water dispensers sit right on the edge of your kitchen sink, the perfect complement to your faucet.

Hot Water Dispensers Brochure

  • Includes chrome finish instant hot water dispenser and 2/3 gal. stainless steel hot water tank
  • Delivers 60 cups per hour of water at 200° F
  • We Come To You® 3-Year In-Home Limited Warranty
  • Tool-free tank connections and dry-start protection to ease installation
  • Easy-to-adjust temperature control
  • Contrasting easy-grip handle

Installation Care and Use Manual

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WarrantyWe Come To You® In-Home Limited Warranty

Please see the warranty details specific to this model.

All InSinkErator® models provide in-home limited warranties. That means We Come to You whenever your InSinkErator® food waste disposer or hot water dispenser needs service within the warranty period. To schedule a service call, click here, or just dial 1-800-558-5700, press 2, and enter your five-digit zip code. We'll provide you with the name and phone number of the factory authorized service agent nearest you. It's that simple.

Our We Come to You Warranty means we handle your service problems at your convenience in your home. The InSinkErator® We Come to You In-Home Limited Warranty. It's another InSinkErator® exclusive.

The above is a summary only. Please access the PDF to the right for a copy of the complete Limited Warranty. Other conditions may apply.

Rated 4.4 out of 5�by 11 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5�by Sloppy quality control I ordered this unit from to replace a six year old unit which finally started leaking. Since it was a replacement unit I received a very generous discount on the new unit. Everything arrived just fine except for a series of screwups. Neither the compression nut nor the compression sleeve for the water supply connection were included - though it states in the printed materials that they were included. But the real problem was when we discovered that the wing nut did not fit the threads on the threaded rod that holds the faucet in place. It looked like an M6 metric part but the threads did not match. Back to the hardware store; their offering of M6 wingnuts also would not fit the threaded rod. Arrrgh! Work around: we removed the old 1/4"-20 rod and installed it in the new faucet. This required unscrewing the (loktite connected) new rod and re-threading the hole with a 1/4-20 tap. Then we installed the old rod and a locknut to secure it. Once that was done, the darn thing installed in a few minutes. But one should not have to go through all that frustration. As I said: very sloppy quality control. Not suitable for user installation unless you have a well equipped work shop February 2, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5�by Long time user of this product We installed our first insinkerator hot water dispenser when we built our house 15 years ago. This is the second time I have replaced the unit. Both times the hot water tank failed so plan on about a 7+ year tank life. We primarily use it to make coffee and other hot beverages. I love the convenience of having instant hot water. The original unit was professionally installed. The first time the unit was replaced I did it myself. It was a simple process that took me about a half hour. This past time was a different story. The water supply line was approximately 6 to 8 inches shorter than the original and the first one I replaced. As a result, the supply line could not reach the water input valve installed by the original plumber. The only solution was to use the old faucet which is disappointing given the attractive design of the new faucet. Copper is very expensive these days and I am sure someone in the Finance department figured a good way to save $5 to $10 a unit was to shorten the supply line. Anyway, I have instant hot water in the morning when I need it. December 31, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5�by biggest problem is fastening faucet to counter top My wife uses this unit often to make tea. In our house it sees daily use. Installation was overall very easy because of the connectors for pipes and tubing. Two important recommendations for upgrades/ product improvement: 1. On the wall mounting bracket: make it a "screw through" plate, so the plate acts as a template for the screw holes. Putting in two screws into the wall in a way that the bracket will be "level" to the ground requires some skill in carpentry. a "screw through" plate would allow a level to be placed on top of the plate, and the holes would line up automatically. 2. Find a better way of mounting the faucet securely onto the counter top. I have installed 5 faucets in our house and I can say there are ways to do it "right" and there are poor designs. Get rid of the wing nut as a fastener. Use a longer nut, and use a more solid U type plate (with a better gasket) instead of the crescent shaped mounting plate that is supplied. December 21, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5�by looks great I had an older model that was discontinued . This was the replacement I had to add one extension tubing and the replacement time was 45 minutes I am not a plumber and it was very easy December 20, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5�by Much improved over my previous model This product could have been excelllent in all respects if the Manufacturer had improved the arched-moveable spigot with the lever handle on the previous model I had. The current model spout is in a fixed position and with very limited height from base of sink to output tip of spout. The earlier model had a high arching tube and a blade lever in the base so that you could get a utensil under the spout and the resistance on the blade lever was not the ordeal it is to hold that heavy-spring slick flat knob this model employs. The spring resistance is too great and is flat and slick making it a chore to hold in position with such resistance to obtain hot water and with a very low clearance from the bottom of the sink and very close to the edge...making more limitations on utensils that can be fit under the spout. Who dreams up these "designs" some joker. December 16, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by Ease of use Instant hot. Great for making tea or cooking.Also great for oatmeal in the morning. December 12, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5�by Love my InSinkErator Wish I knew about this years and years ago. I really love it. I use it every day. I can only imagine how nice these must be with children. Wonderful product. December 10, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5�by Reasonably good for the price At age 80, I find the handle a little difficult to hold and turn. I am on my 4th or 5th Insinkerator, as each of the others have failed. The guarantee was honored, but the replacement carried the guarantee only to the end of the original. It is attractive and a definite convenience, having almost-boiling water at my fingertips at all times. December 10, 2013
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