Installing a Badger Series Disposal


If you're shopping for an InSinkErator disposal or just purchased one, you'll be glad to know our Badger disposals are the easiest to install, remove and replace.


Watch & Learn

InSinkErator shows you how to install a garbage disposal by following the steps outlined in the instruction manual and as shown in this 4-minute video.


Written Directions

Before attempting to install your disposal, read and understand the entire InSinkErator safety and installation instructions listed below. If you need a PDF manual with instructions, download it here.

Materials Needed

Copper wire

Plumber's putty (.1 kg)

Wire nuts (2-size 54)

Worm gear clamp

Dishwasher drain connector kit - optional

On - off electrical switch



Flathead screwdriver

Phillips screwdriver

Pipe wrench



  • If this is a first-time installation of a new Badger model, continue reading the following instructions.

Disconnect the p-trap and the horizontal extension pipe.

Disconnect the p-trap and the horizontal extension pipe. Large channel-lock plier or a pipe wrench work well to loosen the nuts holding the pipe together. When both connections are free, remove the parts. You may want to clean the horizontal drain pipe to eliminate any possible blockage. (This is not necessary in new construction). (See Fig 1)


  Fig 1


Remove the strainer body

Remove the strainer body from the sink by unscrewing the large nut that holds it in place underneath the sink. Push the strainer body up through the sink hole to remove it. Clean off the old plumber's putty that surrounds the edge of the drain opening. (See Fig 2)


  Fig 2


Install the new sink flange

Separate the parts of the mounting assemble from the disposal. Loosen the screws of the mounting assemble and remove the snap ring. Place a 1/4 ' bead of plumber's putty around the opening in the sink. Drop the new sink flange into the drain opening and press it into place. From under the sink, slide the fiber gasket and backup ring into the sleeve. Hold these pieces in place. Next slip on the mounting ring and snap ring. (See Fig 3)

 Fig 3

Tighten the mounting assembly

Tighten the three mounting screws, alternate tightening each screw a few turn at a time until the mounting assembly is evenly and tightly seated against the bottom of the sink. (See Fig 4)

 Fig 4

Remove the dishwasher knockout plug

If using a dishwasher, you will need to tap out the dishwasher knockout plug. lay the disposal on its side and use a screwdriver and hammer to tap it out. Remember to remove the loose knockout plug from inside the disposal. (See Fig 5)


Fig 5


Turn off the electric

Danger Potential Electrical Shock Turn off electrical power at fuse box or circuit breaker before removing electrical cover plate. Disposal must be grounded. Improper connection could result in electric shock. If you are unsure your electrical connection is grounded properly contact a certified electrical contractor. (See Fig 6)


Connect the electrical

Lay the disposal on its side under the sink so you can make the electrical connections. (Check your local codes, they may require a licensed electrician to make the electrical connections.) Make sure the circuit breaker is off. Remove the plate on the bottom of the disposal to expose the wiring. Using white wire nuts, connect the white wire from the disposal unit with the white wire from the power supply. Follow the same step to connect the black wires. Finally, connect the ground wire from the supply to the ground on the disposal unit. Replace the plate to cover the wires.


Align the disposal

Align the disposal with the three mounting ears on the sink mounting assembly. Holding the disposal in place, turn the lower mounting ring until all three mounting ears are locked into the mounting assembly. (See Fig 7)

Warning Personal Injury - Do not position your head or body under disposal, unit could fall during removal or installation.


Fig 6

 Fig 7

Install the discharge tube

Install discharge tube to the disposal. Turn the disposal until the discharge tube aligns with the drain trap. If it is not long enough, you need to purchase extension pieces to make up the difference. (See Fig 8)

  Fig 8

Connect the dishwasher tube

If you have a dishwasher, make sure Step 5 is complete and connect the dishwasher tube to the disposal. 


Insert the discharge tube

Insert the discharge tube into the discharge c​oupler, then slide the clamp over the discharge tube and position it in the groove on the rubber tailpipe coupler. (See Fig 9)


 Fig 9


Lock the disposal in place

Now that everything is installed and in position, lock the disposal to the sink mounting assembly using the Jam BusterTM wrench that came with the unit. Finally, you should test the disposal for leaks and turn on the electrical breaker to test its operation. (See Fig 10)


  Fig 10


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