Septic Assist Disposers

Septic Assist Food Waste Disposers

Every time you turn your disposer on, Bio-Charge®, a fragrant and environmentally friendly treatment of natural microorganisms, is injected into the disposer. This treatment begins to break down food waste in your septic system.

See how the Septic Assist Disposer works

Exclusive Bio-Charge Enzyme Treatment Helps Keep Your Septic System Running Smoothly.

The Bio-Charge Injection Technology automatically injects more than 300 million enzyme-producing microorganisms into the Septic Assist each time it is operated.

  • Helps break down food waste (fats, grease, proteins and starches)
  • Helps break down solid waste including toilet paper
  • Deodorizes to help control sink and drain odors
  • Safe for drain fields, pipes and the environment

Why Have a Septic Assist Disposer

A septic system is designed to safely treat and dispose of household waste from the kitchen and bathroom(s). If your system is sized to handle a dishwasher or clothes washer in addition to sinks and toilets, it can handle a disposer as well.

Wastewater flows into your septic tank, where solids that are lighter than water (such as grease, oils and paper) float to the top and form a layer of scum. Solids that are heavier than water float to the bottom and form a layer of sludge.

The middle layer of partially clarified water flows through a distribution box that evenly disperses it into your drain field. Gravel and soil then filter out pollutants and bacteria.

Naturally occurring bacteria in your septic tank help to decompose solid matter, but can't take care of it all. Thats why, periodically, sludge must be pumped from your tank to keep solid overflow from contaminating your drain field. When you choose an InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist® Disposer, Bio-Charge treatment is added to your system with every use. These microorganisms digest both food and household waste inside your septic tank, reducing the accumulation of solids.

Frequently Asked Questions

"I've been told I can't have a disposer with my septic system. True or false?"

False. Even conventional InSinkErator disposers have always been safe for properly sized septic systems. For example, if your system is sized for a dishwasher or clothes washer, it can handle a disposer. After all, a disposer uses only about as much water per day as one flush of a toilet. But there are additional advantages when you choose the Septic Assist Disposer.

"How does the Septic Assist Disposer work?"

Every time you operate the Septic Assist Disposer, it automatically injects our exclusive Bio-Charge solution from a replaceable cartridge. Millions of microorganisms go to work immediately to break down food waste before it enters your septic system. Once in your septic system, Bio-Charge continues digesting both food and household waste.

"Do I still need to use septic additives?"

No, not at all. The Bio-Charge solution is a highly-concentrated, complete septic additive. Bio-Charge is injected automatically with each use of the disposer. So you'll never again have to remember to flush additives down the toilet. Or worry about handling or spilling chemicals. Bio-Charge is also specially formulated to reduce pipe buildup and control odors. And each cartridge lasts up to 4 months.

"Does Septic Assist use a lot of water?"

Very little. Septic Assist's high-speed grinding action produces very fine waste particles that completely flush down the drain with less than a gallon of water. In fact, it uses about the same amount of water as one flush of a low-water-consumption toilet.

"Is the Bio-Charge Treatment an exclusive formula?"

Yes. It's manufactured to InSinkErator standards by the nation's largest producer of septic additives and waste water treatment chemicals. Its effectiveness and safety have been thoroughly tested and documented by long-term tests in residential septic systems.

"How often do I have to change the Bio-Charge cartridge?"

About once every 4 months. Instead of using a septic additive every month, you only have to change Bio-Charge cartridges approximately 3 times a year. According to a University of Wisconsin study, the average consumer uses the food waste disposer 2.3 times per day. At this rate each bottle will last 3-4 months. Changing the cartridge is easy too. Remove the empty cartridge with the push of a button, then open the new cartridge and snap it in place.

"Is Septic Disposer more complicated to install?"

It's as easy as a conventional disposer. All InSinkErator models use standard plumbing connections.

"How do I reorder Bio-Charge?"

You can purchase Bio-Charge on our website today. Purchase BioCharge.

Can an InSinkErator Septic Disposer be used with an aerobic septic system?

Yes. InSinkErator Septic Assist Disposers can be used in homes with aerobic septic systems.


Instant Mixing
Instant Mixing

Highly concentrated Bio-Charge enzyme treatment instantly and completely mixes with food waste in the grind chamber


Instant Action
 Instant Action

Enzymes and food waste then flow through your home’s plumbing lines into the septic tank and help break down toilet paper and other solid wastes.


Lasting Results
Lasting Results

Daily additions of Bio-Charge help keep your septic system at ideal levels of bioactivity. Tank sludge and surface scum are continuously reduced.