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Model PRP

Model PRP

When dishwashing operators fall behind, so does operational efficiency. A door dishwasher can clean between 50-125 racks per hour depending on the model. A conveyor dishwasher can clean up to 400 racks per hour. Avoid a traffic jam at your dishwashing station with a system designed to simplify and speed up the pre-rinse and scrapping process.

PowerRinse® Pot/Pan (Model PRP) is for designed small to medium sized commercial kitchen and features a larger tray than the standard model. The increased length of the tray provides additional workspace for oversized cookware, such as large sheet pans. Dishwashing operators use both hands to scrap dishes under the powerful plume of recirculated water, cutting the time it takes to clear dishes in half – sometimes even tripling their speed!

PowerRinse saves more than time. It also reduces bulk waste without grinding, which means less odors, less pest concerns, less trash pickups, and lower disposal fees associated with food waste handling and storage. The system also helps operators cut water usage at the pre-rinse station by utilizing a powerful plume of recirculated water and a built-in shut off timer. The timer is factory-preset at 20 minutes. After the set time elapses, the unit will shut off.

An alternative to food waste disposer or pulper systems.


The PowerRinse system consumes only 1 GPM (3.79 LPM) fresh water per hour – 50% less than other collection systems – and recirculates with the force of 30 GPM (113.56 LPM) to help clear dirty dishes. Recirculating water reduces water and sewer costs.

As dishes are cleared, solid waste is collected in a scrap basket and water soluble waste is harmlessly sent down the drain, reducing bulk and overall weight without grinding. With the smallest screen size in the industry, PowerRinse ensures more food waste is captured, and less ends up in the sewer line.


Yes – collected food waste solids can be used in a composting program, or the minimized waste can be emptied into a waste receptacle.


Ideal for small to medium sized kitchens, in-line with 3-compartment sinks, soaking systems, or door type or rack conveyor dishwashing machines. Model PRP is sized to maximize the workspace for use with oversized cookware, large sheet pans, and cafeteria trays.

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  • Requires only 1 GPM (3.79 LPM) of fresh water per hour
  • Capable of recirculating water up to 30 GPM (113.56 LPM)
  • Fully operational in 70 seconds – protected against dry operation
  • Easy access ball valve allows operators to quickly reposition water plume
  • Scrap basket features ¼" (6.35 mm) diameter screen and ergonomic handles
  • Collected solids can be disposed of into a waste or compost receptacle
  • Pot/Pan Tray for oversized cookware, such as large sheet pans – working area dimensions 35.5" x 21.5" (901.7 mm x 546.1 mm)
  • Workspace-maximizing cover design creates a level foundation for scrapping and pre-soaking problem dishes with baked-on or difficult to remove food
  • Tray, base assembly, cover, pump housing, and pump impeller all made from durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • NEMA 4X stainless steel electrical control box
  • High impact polymer scrap basket
  • Pump safeguarded by ¼" (6.35 mm) inlet screen and dry-start protection
  • Fits under standard table – minimum height 33" (838 mm)
  • Flanged feet allow unit to be secured to floor
  • Built-in shut off timer automatically shuts off system after predetermined length of time (factory set at 20 minutes)
  • System can be manually shut off at any time
  • Quick and easy to clean – dishwasher safe components


All systems include one (1) scrap basket and one (1) cover.

Additional Scrap Basket
Additional Cover