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Welcome to the InSinkErator idea submission website.
This site is being made available to you for the purpose of submitting certain types of ideas and information (your "Submission") to the InSinkErator business unit of Emerson Electric Co. on a NON-CONFIDENTIAL BASIS.
While we welcome your submission, we are sure you appreciate InSinkErator invests substantial resources in innovation - improving existing products and creating new products.  Therefore we need to be certain you fully understand the conditions under which we can consider your submission consistent  with our obligation to protect the Company, its shareholders,  and its already considerable investment in innovation.
Before you go any further and submit any information, we ask that you carefully read what follows and assure us that you fully understand and accept the terms and conditions which will unqualifiedly apply to any submissions you make, today or in the future. (If you are a current employee of InSinkErator please click here.)
  • CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION AND TRADE SECRETS of any type - We cannot stress this enough.  Please do not submit any information you consider confidential or where you expect us to restrict our uses. The only exception to this is if you disclose an invention claimed in an issued valid patent - and then you need to tell us about the existence of your patent.  Should there be any follow up communications or submissions please understand that these will not be received on a confidential basis unless these are made after there is a written agreement signed by you and an authorized representative of InSinkErator.
  • Advertising Marketing or Promotional Ideas - such as ideas for commercials, slogans, jingles, contests or the like
  • Software of any kind - source code, object code, firmware or otherwise
  • Ways of conducting our business or selling our products
  • Purely aspirational ideas or product characteristics (a food waste disposer that does not vibrate with use; a disposer that is completely silent; a food waste disposer that doesn't require energy to run)
  • Product names 
As noted above, unless your idea is protected by a valid patent, we cannot agree to restrict our use.  We strongly recommend that you consult an intellectual property professional before you submit your idea to us.  (The cost of such advice is, of course, your sole responsibility.)  Again, we cannot agree to restrict disclosure of your idea under any circumstances, even if it is protected by a patent or registered design.  And even if patented, you agree that we have a license to use your idea in connection with our evaluation.
In addition to the limitations above, by clicking the "I AGREE" button and/or submitting your idea you (on behalf of yourself, your family, your heirs and/or assigns) unconditionally make the following representations and agree to the following:
1. AGE  I am eighteen years or older.
2. ORIGINALITY  I believe that my Submission is original and created by me and I am free to disclose it to InSinkErator.
3. NO OTHER CONTRACTUAL OR EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIPS  I am not a supplier, vendor, or consultant to Emerson Electric Co. or InSinkErator, nor am I an employee of any of the foregoing.  I am not an employee of the InSinkErator business unit of Emerson Electric Co.
4. NO CONFIDENTIALITY  Again, only non-confidential information is included in my Submission and any additional information I provide after my initial Submission. There will be no restrictions on InSinkErator's disclosure of the information I provide. InSinkErator's use of my Submission will only be limited by a valid patent.  However, even if I have a valid patent, I acknowledge that I am granting a license to InSinkErator for the limited purpose of evaluating my Submission.
5. FURTHER DISCUSSION If InSinkErator is interested in obtaining further details about my Submission, an InSinkErator representative will contact me. All information disclosed by me in such further discussions will also be non-confidential as well. If, in the future, both InSinkErator and I agree that it is necessary and appropriate for me to provide confidential information, then we will enter into a written confidentiality agreement signed by me and an authorized representative of InSinkErator. I acknowledge and agree that InSinkErator will only receive and treat information as confidential if the information is disclosed after the effective date of such a written agreement.
6. EVALUATION InSinkErator has no obligation to evaluate my Submission.  InSinkErator has no obligation to provide me with any explanation as to why InSinkErator may ultimately decide not to pursue my submission.   InSinkErator shall own all information or data it generates in connection with its evaluation exclusively and shall have no obligation to provide such information or data to me. In the event that InSinkErator, in its sole and exclusive discretion, chooses to provide any explanation, information or data, I agree that InSinkErator will be providing this AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS, and shall have no liability whatsoever as to the validity or integrity of such.  I agree to fully release, indemnify and hold InSinkErator and Emerson (along with their employees, officers and directors) harmless against any and all liabilities relating to InSinkErator's explanation, information or data, or arising out of my use of such explanation, information or data.
7. PRIOR DEVELOPMENT  I recognize that InSinkErator is always innovating, working on ideas, products, processes, and technologies for use in new and existing products.  Accordingly, I acknowledge that InSinkErator may already have conceived of, developed, practiced, or filed patent applications on the same or substantially similar subject matter in the submission I am providing.  I also recognize that while the idea may be new to me, it may already be in the public domain.
8. IP RIGHTS I have been strongly encouraged to seek the advice of an intellectual property professional (e.g. a patent lawyer) before submitting my idea in order to preserve and protect my rights.  I agree that I will rely solely on my formal registered patent or design rights (collectively, "IP Rights") to protect information included with my Submission. I understand that the sole protection I have for information included in my Submission is limited to the scope of these IP Rights. I understand that disclosing my ideas to anyone (including InSinkErator or any other party) on a non-confidential basis may cause me to lose valuable rights but that InSinkErator cannot provide me with legal advice.
9. COMMERCIAL VENDOR/SUPPLIER If I wish to become a supplier or consultant relying on expertise or tangible assets to provide unique services or capability, I will still not disclose any confidential information pertaining to my expertise or tangible assets to InSinkErator unless and until a formal confidentiality agreement is signed both by me and InSinkErator. I understand that a confidentiality agreement will not prevent any party from independently developing the same or similar expertise or physical assets and offering their services to any other party (including but not limited to InSinkErator). I understand that obtaining IP Rights is the only way to legally prohibit another party from having rights to commercially use independently developed technology or capability.
10. NO GRANT OF RIGHTS TO INSINKERATOR I am not granting InSinkErator any rights to commercially exploit any IP Rights I may have that protect my Submission but by agreeing to these terms and submitting my idea I am granting InSinkErator a worldwide, royalty free, fully paid up license and right to evaluate my idea.
11. NO OTHER AGREEMENTS I acknowledge and represent that there are no other agreements or understandings with InSinkErator that apply to my Submission.  In the event this representation is not accurate, I agree that any prior agreements or understandings are superseded by these terms and conditions, and that no modifications or exceptions to these terms and conditions will apply unless agreed to by both me and InSinkErator in a written agreement signed by an authorized representative of InSinkErator.
12. APPLICABLE LAW The website from which this document was downloaded ("Website"), these terms and conditions, and any Submission made pursuant to the Website is governed by the substantive law of and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States and the State of Missouri, without any regard to any choice of laws provision that would cause the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction.